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In the book A Separate Piece one of the main driving themes is that of friendship is needed for growth and development. In the novel we see many cases were Gene wouldn't have developed if Finny were not there. Also we see places were Finny only develops because of direct intervention by Gene. Also we see the need for Gene and Finny to Lepellier.

Firstly the main character in this book is well supported by a number of characters and he becomes depended on them. They grow attached and become a symbiotic relationship. Gene very much needs Finny because Gene is almost afraid to do anything unless Finny puts him to the test. Gene does not do any thing daring or dangerous unless Finny is there to make him do it. "You were very good... Once I shamed you into it" [Finny] "You didn't shame me into anything." [Gene] "Oh yes I did.

I'm good for you that was. You have a tendency to back away from things otherwise." [Finny] (10). This quote is after Gene and Finny finish jumping out of the tree. This point shows that Gene would back away from things had Finny not have been there to push or guilt him into doing them. Certain key aspects and memories develop from Finny pushing him, "Let's go to the beach."(37) Finny pushes Gene into risking expulsion to go to the beach and spend the night out. Gene also hates the long bike ride but Funny can make Gene do anything. Gene needed Finny in many of the situations that they were in to grow and develop. It was also a symbiotic relation ship because Finny needed Gene just as much. "Phineas and me along among all the people of the world, training for the Olympics of...