How September 11 has changed the lives of workers down the road?

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The topic that I have decided to do is how September 11 has affected the workers down the road, especially the volunteer workers. This topic came to me while watching a movie, Sicko by Michael Moore. Moore interviews a number of people who have been left broke by medical bills even though they were fully insured, and explains how the corporate drive for profits has left numerous people in financial and medical disarray. After hearing that detainees in Guantanamo have access to free health care, Moore gathers a group of World Trade Center rescue workers to travel to Cuba in order to get the medical help they need for ailments they incurred in 2001, working at the site of the World Trade Center. I did not realize how lucky that we are here in Canada to have health care given to us basically for free, and how much people are suffering and struggling to pay their medical bills in the United States. Many volunteer firefighters now have poor health due to the debris that they were breathing in from the wreckage, and since they were volunteers, they are not covered by any insurance. To me this seems completely wrong, people who risked their lives to save lives are basically are then left to struggle to make ends meet since some are not able to hold jobs any more, but still have huge medical bills to pay. I would like to explore how much people are in need of health care after helping their country. Also, I would like to know how much lives have been changed since then due to medical bills. I think if people are more aware of this problem maybe there would be solutions so that people are not struggling, and maybe they can find...