Was September 11th an Inside Job? Or are the Conspiracy Theorists Just Crazy?

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One in three Americans believes that their own government was responsible in some way for causing one of the most devastating terrorist attacks ever recorded; the attacks of September 11th, 2001. By buying into this left-wing propaganda, Americans are in danger of losing one of history's most important wars – and of contributing to that loss sustained on September 11th. It isn’t the fact that 2,973 Americans lost their lives that people are challenging; rather, people are questioning whether or not the US government among other high-class American citizens planned these attacks carefully to fulfill their hidden agendas. There are many reasons why these conspiracy theories are absurdly untrue; some of them make false claims that cannot be backed up with facts, some of them defy logic, and others are just pure speculation. The conjecture that conspiracy theorists have concocted is that George W. Bush played a crucial role in the organization of the 9/11 attacks, in order to launch a war in the Middle East, as well as for the building owners of the WTC Buildings to collect billions of dollars worth of insurance money, at the expense of their most valuable assets as well as thousands of human lives.

Now any logical person would end the discussion with a conspiracy theorist right there; what does the United States benefit from destroying its own economy, killing its own civilians, and then trying to cover it up and give the appearance that it was a terrorist attack? They stand to gain nothing at all. This is why that argument that conspiracy theorists make is incongruous; nothing good has come from these attacks for the United States. Before getting into disproving these ridiculous theories, it must be understood why these conspiracy theorists feel the way they do. Then I intend to...