The Seven Hats of a President. Speaks of Roosevelt

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President Roosevelt of the United States of America, an almighty power. Some consider Roosevelt to be a great leader and others felt great hatred towards him. His early years were very consistent of his presidential career. Roosevelt wore many hats as the president of the United States of America. As a President Roosevelt accomplished a many great tasks and feats.

Roosevelt was born Jan. 30, 1882, at the family estate on the Hudson River near Hyde Park, N. Y. 'His father, James Roosevelt, was a wealthy landowner and railroad vice-president.' He had been a diplomat under President Cleveland. His mother was Sara Delano Roosevelt, of an old merchant-shipping family. She was James Roosevelt's second wife. Young Franklin was tutored at home until he was 14 years old. Nearly every year the family spent a few months in Europe. At ten Franklin began his lifelong interest in birds. He shot them and had them stuffed for his collection.

'While president he often went to the Hyde Park woods at dawn to watch birds and hear them sing.' About the same time he began another hobby that lasted nearly all his life sailing. He started collecting ship models and books

and pictures about the sea and ships. Still another interest was stamp collecting. At the time of his death he had a large and valuable collection.

After graduation from Harvard Roosevelt attended Columbia University Law School in New York City. 'He completed his work in 1907 and began to practice with a leading New York law firm.' On March 17, 1905, he married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, his sixth cousin. In the next ten years the Roosevelt's had six children.

The First of the many hats the president wears is Chief Legislature. The New Deal describes this hat. Meanwhile the New Deal,