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In every state there are many different laws for teaching the young sex education. In states, like California, they require the school to provide the knowledge and caution the students with emphasis on diseases and teen pregnancies. However, the measure to provide the young generation the basic knowledge of sex education, which is suppose to reduce the risks, only cause it more harm by giving them ideas and increasing their curiosity. The lecture provides the information yet fails to imply its harm and consequences. The fact that many young people mature at a different rate and age, it only emphasizes that the necessary teaching is less effective for it can only benefit the few, if any, that were already mature at the time of the lecture. For the others who seek for guidance when they need it most only to find no one there.

In some places public policy made it clear the need for young people to be educated in responsible sex, in hope that it will reduce the risks of infection, diseases and teen pregnancies.

The law requires the school to provide such information to their students as early as junior high. The sad fact is that many of these students have never given sex a thought until the state and school intervened on providing this information. These young, innocent students are now implanted with this new idea and their curiosity soon magnify.

When the teachers provide the information they disburse them without regard to the ignorance of many young people on this subject. Thus, this shows the apathy and impassivity of the lecturer. The teachers tell the students that they should use protection so they do not contract any infections or diseases and to be careful on those days the ladies are most fertile so...