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Sexual Behaviours of Students and Correlation with Other Behaviours Students today are faced with different pressures coming from all aspects of their lives. We decided to focus our study on the sexual behaviours of students and how these behaviours relate to other aspects of their personal and academic lives. Interest was taken in how these areas would differ with relation to gender, age, and lifestyle. Interest was also taken in how alcohol affects these behaviours, and how these behaviours affect student's academic performance.

When we began our research, we hypothesized that males with a higher self-esteem in general, would tend to engage in sexual behaviours more frequently than those with a lower self-esteem. We thought that females with high self-esteems would engage in sexual behaviours less frequently than those with lower self-esteems. We also hypothesized that students for the most part would prefer to be in a sexual relationship as opposed to being single.

We assumed that students living on their own would tend to be more promiscuous than those living at home. We also thought that a student's sexual behaviour would often be affected by alcohol regardless of whether they were single or in a relationship. We thought that our results would show that males became sexually active at an earlier age than females. We believed that males would be more sexually active than females and that males would be more likely to engage in more than one relationship at a time than a female would. Further inferences made about age in response to these questions were made and we believe that older students would be more responsible and conservative concerning these behaviours.

Methods We distributed a written survey to a random selection of students throughout the Carleton University campus. We administered the survey in three different areas of...