Sexual ethics. THis essay was an anthropology based ethical argument as to the establishment of an ethics of sexual behavior.

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Alexander Shoghi

Prof. McFadden

Final Paper: Option One

Sexuality to most people is a private issue based on personal decisions. It is also quite a gray area as to ethical behavior because people are quick to defend the right of the individual to have freedom of choice in their sexual endeavors. There are a large group of people for which an ethic is very clear, but too often this is tied to religion rather than a particular conclusion based on the rights of man (by man I mean mankind, not the gender). There is a large argument from people that say "who am I to judge?", but the idea is that, there is a right to judge inherent in belonging to a society. An effectively formed society has clear rules that must be followed in order to assure that it runs smoothly provided said rules are ethical. In this essay I will attempt to construct a sexual ethic with regard not only to anthropology but also to feasibility.

Since this is an anthropological argument, I will begin at the very beginning of man. Man is made up of blood and tissue, basically. All of this is carbon based, and all men are made up of the same material. While there are two genders, both are also made of the same material, and all that is human is the same species, with no chemical differences between any two members of the species. So far, all men are equal. This was the basic idea behind Martin Luther King's arguments about civil rights, and it is accepted as truth. I see no realm for disagreement.

The main area that separates man from other animals and other humans from each other is intellect. Man possesses more intelligence than other animals, and he creates ideas...