Sexual Orientation: The Full Continuum of Love, Hate, and Equal Opportunity

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Running Head: Sexual Orientation: The Full Continuum of Love, Hate, and Equal Opportunity


In today's society the topic of sexual orientation is a hot button issue for many people, especially when individuals start referencing relationships and what the "ideal" relationship looks like or, in their opinion, supposed to be like. Truth be told, heterosexual and homosexual relationships are no different from one another. Regardless of which type of relationship, both experience highs and lows, good times and bad, and want nothing more than to be accepted for who they are.

One day two complete strangers bump into each other on a crowded subway. They apologize to each other, smile; one shyly looks down as that nervous rush of excitement flows over them. They strike up a conversation during their commute to wherever it is they might be going and as they are exiting the subway one asks the other for their telephone number.

They start off by texting each other, slowly learning more about the other until one evening one of them gets the nerve to ask the other on a date. One date leads to two; two leads to three and shortly after the two are inseparable. They meet each other's friends, go on weekend trips together and over time make the decision to meet each other's family as a couple. The nervous feeling of rejection and butterflies is washed away as the others family embraces them as one of their own.

The two eventually decide to move in together. They find a small house and fix it up and even adapt a stray dog from the pound. Dinner parties follow, new job opportunities arise and they comfort each other through both the good and the bad times in their relationship. One evening at a get...