Sexual Orientation: Nature or Nurture?

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Still an ongoing controversy today, does one's environmental raising or their genetic traits influence their sexuality? I, myself, personally believe that one is born with the sexuality they will lean toward when old enough to make the choice. There are many who will debate that a person is taught to be homosexual and they could change if they wanted to. I do not believe this or see how anybody could think it possible. Why would a person choose to be "gay" in today's society? There is such negativity and discrimination towards homosexuals; I just do not think that a person would just choose to go in this direction. I believe a person knows early on if they tend to be attracted to the same sex or the opposite sex. I have always liked boys, never once thought of girls in the same way from the time I was a child.

I would dream about what my husband would be like and had crushes from elementary school on. Of course, there are those who do experiment with the same sex just to see what it is like, but I do not believe this makes them a real homosexual. They can go back to the opposite sex with no problem. I do not think that a real homosexual could do this. That is why there are so many who try to do the "right" thing and make a relationship work with the opposite sex but can not do so and are miserable trying. Now in some cases, I do think that there are certain environmental influences that could determine a person's sexual outcome, such as molestation. I do not think that there are environmental influences that are predominant in all cases of homosexuals. The one reason I think this and actually...