Shakespearean Comedy.

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Shakespearean Comedy

Shakespeare was a great writer. He wrote different types of literature which are still known and famous today. Some of his great works were his comedies which included the plays A Midsummer Night's Dream and Much Ado about Nothing.

In the Shakespearean comedy, there are twelve aspects: "a thematic concern with love and beauty"; "a night-to-day movement'; "a quest, journey, or a pilgrimage motif"; "tragic overtones and a harsh law"; "monetary interest"; "misidentity and disguise"; "a low-life farcical subplot"; "the turning of man to ass"; "discovery and conversion"; "resolution in paradox"; "a harmonious universe at the end"; and finally, "a spirit of playfulness - with a purpose".

As compared to Shakespeare's view of comedy, people today usually equate the word with laughter, humorous conducts, exaggerated actions, physical imperfections, and most importantly, happy endings. Our view of comedy today and Shakespeare's view did not much differ. We still see some congruence when we read Shakespeare's comedies.