Shakespeares Famous play called macbeth

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The movie I watched was called Macbeth and it was a tragedy type play that took place in Scotland. It was a good but disturbing play written by Shakespeare and reenacted in movie form by a guy named Roman Polanski.

My favorite character in the movie was Macbeth, he was a mean cruel and greedy person he didn't really have good values in my opinion because it seemed that he only stood for just being king. His strengths are that he can follow-through on what he has to do but his weakness are that he is easily led and that he settles things by fighting and murder.

I expected Macbeth to be a nice strong and smart person, but as I got more and more into the movie he turned into a barbaric person. When I saw the Macbeth murder the king and then frame the king's guards for the murder I knew he was going to be a jerk through the whole play.

The play begins with some witches burying a: noose, severed hand, and a knife. The initial in my own opinion was when Macbeth met the witches because if he had never met the witches he wouldn't have known he would have been king. The major crisis in the play was when people begin to get on to him and think he killed the king. The climax of the story is when Macbeth goes to war with Macduff and they have a one on one fight! After the fight the story ends with Macduff killing Macbeth and placing his head on a staff and waving it throughout the kingdom. His weakness for fighting contributed to the climax and ending because he got his head cut off, the ending of the play is fate because Macbeth lived his life violently, and violence only ends in violence.

Shakespeare message in the play was don't let others talk you into doing something you know is wrong, I say this because his wife convinced him to kill the king and he did. The point Shakespeare is conveying about people in general is that people don't think for them selves. The tone and feeling of the play to me was rough, gory, and sickening. The devices used to establish the mood of the play was the use of langue the setting and acting.

Macbeth reenacted and brought to film by Roman Polanski was disturbing like I said in the first paragraph because the fighting and blood, and especially in the begging when the witches bury the noose severed hand and a knife. I'd say personally that the English in the play was definitely well put because if I weren't smarter than I already were I wouldn't understand a word said. I think watching the play after reading the book definitely helped me understand what the witches were doing and how Macbeth got convinced to kill the king.