Shay's Rebellion This essay investigates the leading up to/causes of Shays Rebellion. What happened during Shays Rebellion. What were the ramifactions of Shays rebellion in short and long term.

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Shays Rebellion

With the conclusion of the American Revolution severe depression and economic hardship was tearing at the fledgling nation. For the first time in over 150 years the people of America were governing themselves, not by any mother countries (Spain, Britain, France). America was far from being a power that could be seriously recognized by any other country. How one event changed the course of a nation, how one raised fist rallied many, to show every beings right to petition, assemble, and protest.

Foreign relations were almost at the verge of complete and utter collapse. Great Britain felt they were betrayed, stabbed in the back by a child they had nurtured for so long. So be it, Britain would disown America. With the navigation laws still in effect commerce was extremely limited. Britain refused to have any trading done at their West Indies ports. When America was still a part of the British Empire they receive all the benefits, protection and trade being the two largest.

America lost a major economic market with Britain after the war. Without the strong British navy to protect trading vessels, American trading vessels became prime targets for North African pirates, which enslaved many American sailors that they captured. British were very reluctant to not have some control over the Americas, with their force still in Canada it had a great influence in newly settled land by the Americans. British also worked alliances with Native Americans to use them as a buffer zone between the US and Canada.

Spain was angered by disputes of the boundaries of Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. In turn with their control of the region of the Mississippi they bared all trade for Americans up the Mississippi River. This again damaged Americas failing economy. France had succeeded in humbling Great...