A short analyse of Dante's Journey.

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In the hall story, Dante makes Journeys in the hell with his guide and master Virgil. In the beginning he finds himself in a dark forest. He is in the hell. And all the story continues with his journey and the events that he has in the hell. He starts to go deeper and deeper levels of hell. But the important thing is that, the events are in the second plan in the story. He always trys to give us the atmosphere of the hell. All the time he trys to describe us the condition of the hell

In the beginning, as I said, he finds himself in a dark forest and meets with three beasts of worldliness. They are the Leopard, She wolf and Lion. These three animals, symbolise 3 different characteristics and feelings of mankind. Leopard represents lust, Lion represents pride, which is the worst sin in Christianity and The She-Wolf represents incontinence.

He scares and starts to escape from these three animals. In this scene, he trys to explain how bad and terrible the hell is. His fear from these animals makes the reader a little bit worried just at the beginning of the story.

Then Dante meets Virgil. Dante loves Virgil so much in his real life. And wants him to protect himself during this frightful journey. Virgil accepts this and says that he will be Dante's guide through his journey. Dante makes them another way. While they were going to the door of hell, Dante gets worried for several times and sometimes he becomes unconsciousness He alsa trys to make the reader worry by telling htem the deeply hard conditions of the hell. After they come to the door of hell in the third canto, Dante again gets so much worried about entering the...