A short but smooth work on Dante' s divine comedy.

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In the the work of Divine Comedy, there is obvious order and system that Dante has created in his own mind. But as I said, the hell that he has created in his own mind is really in a great order. We can even picture it clearly while reading the text. The main subject that creates this order is the sin and the sinner. Dantes hell is divided into parts and in every part we can see that there are sinners which are presented in the same category and their punishments given by the god because of their sins.

dante constructs the setting like an architect and is very careful about each section it contains. It may be a sense of his justice understanding. He categorizes the sinners and seems to want everyone get what she or he deserves. So there is a suitable place for every sort of sinner.

He describes the hell and each part of it very detailed, Because of this he achieves to display the pessimistic atmosphere in hell. As a work of fiction this writing is convincing.

Before Dante enters the real hell, he starts his trip from a place called wood of error. This place indicates the wrong way that he has choosen. He finds himself astrayed from the truth.The wood is described as a pessimistic,gloomy location and this place is ,according to Dante, a place worse than death. He gets frightened in this dark forest. Then he goes to a hill named mount of joy. No place is under light but the Mount of Joy. Dante,here, tries to bring the attention of the reader from pessimism(darkness) to light of hope. Then Dante enters the real hell.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the sins and sinners are the most

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