Should a death row inmate be saved from a suicide attempt?

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If a person is set for execution on a particular day and that death row inmate attempts suicide, I do believe that he or she should be rescued from killing themselves. From an ethical standpoint, killing oneself would take away justification for the victim that the inmate killed. From a religious outlook, committing suicide is a sin, according to the Bible. And from a political perspective, a last minuet exoneration is feasible.

Ethically, I do not believe the death row inmate should have the privilege of taking his own life for committing such a heinous crime. The courts set forth this death penalty in lieu of the fact that he took someone else's life. If the inmate committed suicide, instead of allowing the execution to be carried out, he would be making a mockery of the person he committed the crime too. The courts saw it fit that he or she be put to death for murder, so I believe that person should die for what they did.

And the person, who was murdered, should rest in peace knowing that their murderer is being punished for his or her crime.

Religiously, I feel that a death row inmate should not commit suicide because it is a sin, according to the Bible. In the Bible, it reads that one should not take his or her life. God gave us life, and should so take it in His own time. When someone commits suicide they are sinning greatly in that they are playing God themselves. Perhaps the death row inmate made his or her peace with God before they were to be executed. He or she might have a chance at spending eternity in Heaven. On the other hand, if the prisoner committed suicide before the execution, then they are set for...