Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Essay by jakedor March 2007

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Weather marijuana should be legalized is a very controversial topic that is hotly debated in Canada's parliament. On one side of the spectrum, Canadians oppose the legalization of marijuana as they claim that it would result in an increase of its use. Already, marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug on the streets. Although, it is pertinent to recognize that the legalization of cannabis would also bring many benefits. Primarily, if marijuana was legalized it would save our government great amounts of money that could be otherwise spent in other areas such as drug addiction treatment. Furthermore, prohibition of cannabis is an ineffective method of decreasing the drug's usage, as it will rarely lead to people quitting it once they're addicted. Lastly, the government cannot assume control of our personal rights and freedoms and prevent people from making their own decisions, such as smoking cannabis. These crucial factors suggest that the laws banning the use of cannabis be alleviated, and that marijuana should be made a legal drug.

The most important reason why marijuana should be legalized is that would significantly save our government lots of money. The war on smoking pot is a very expensive battle as a great deal of resources go to catch those who use or sell marijuana, prosecute them in a court trial, and lock them up in prison. This money that is lost would in turn go to more beneficiary uses, such as treatment of drug addiction that would favorably reduce the number of marijuana smokers and also to areas where Canadians may need it more. We could save millions of dollars every year if the government decided to stop wasting money to lock up in many cases peaceful people who apparently enjoy being "high". However, there's another cost to the war...