Should Quebec become a "distinct society" in Canada?

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I do not believe in distinct society for Quebec. The term "distinct society" in Quebec allows Quebec to have more control over many aspects of Quebec's affairs and policy. Meaning they are more independent from Canada and it is the first step of separation of Quebec. In our past history Britain may have disrespected the French Canadians by sending the protesters to Louisiana's wilderness and ignore their basic needs and concerns in the mid 1700's. But the British government signed the Quebec Act and added French as another official language of Canada. The Canadians tries to satisfy the French Canadians. The Canadian government also seemed to be more sympathic to the Quebeckers even in the 1940's and this proves that there is no need for distinct society because we already are treating them with respect. Distinct society also doesn't celebrate equality, which democracy in Canada is all about. Furthermore, if Quebec makes up it's own rules of distinct society, they may not agree to work with the rest of Canada, while Canada's banks, companies, and other associations are mostly in Montreal.

This would bring Canada's economy extremely down. Most importantly, because the Quebec government determines the distinct society's rules and boundaries, it is the first step into separation.

In the past, the British government did send them to the wilderness of Louisiana and disrespected without listening to their concerns and needs. But the British government or later became the Canadian government saw the problem of how the French was intimated about their future and their broken up customs. They started giving them more freedoms to satisfy them. The Quebec Act, in 1774, allowed them to have more freedoms of their Roman Catholic religion, their language, their French civil law, and etc. The Charter of Rights and Freedom, in 1982, was...