Should school uniforms be worn?

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School uniform is an integral part of school life, whether we like them or not. Reasons for and against school uniform can be explored under the areas of social, academic, and economic/financial reasons.

Firstly, in a social point of view, there is much controversy on whether or not school uniforms should be mandatory at school. One of the arguments is that school uniform unites the school as a whole. It makes student feel that they are a part of a community and the school. For instance, a pupil wearing school uniform is walking to school and sees all the other children with school uniform like him; it definitely makes the kid more assured and confident as it makes them equal.

The school uniform makes students as 'one'. As they are wearing the same clothes, discrimination amongst student bodies will be reduced because they can not feel contempt about how and what each other wears and therefore limits bullying at school for the bullies can not pick on others that are dressed differently.

School uniform, therefore can help relationship between students.

Also, students might think all types of groups in the school will pay attention to what they wear; therefore, they try to dress in clothes which are fashionable at that time. School uniform eliminates the time wasted in choosing what to wear and takes the pressure of children to dress and to look 'cool' and updated. One strong argument is this; what if a child can not afford new clothes because of some financial difficulties? He will probably and predictably feel left out and seem 'uncool' among his friends.

Also, the school uniform can be a symbol of pride, for example, during sport carnivals and after winning a team race, the students may feel as though they...