Should Smoking be banned in public places in Ontario?

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Imagine being at a nice restaurant, waiting to enjoy a great meal. Leaning in to takethat first bite, a puff of reeking cigarette smoke surrounds the food, and it is not verypleasant. A debatable topic that has brought on numerous attention is whether or notsmoking should be banned in public areas in Ontario, such as restaurants. Smoking inpublic areas should be taken into great consideration. There are three significant reasonswhy this is brought to attention. Firstly, smoking can have harmful effects on theenvironment. Secondly, it endangers people's health and thirdly, it can negatively affectthe lifestyles of the members of society.

Smoking public places should be prohibited because, because it is important forsociety to learn about the dangerous effects smoking can have on the environment.

Whether individuals of society choose to disclaim it or not, it is a well-known fact thatsmoking causes air pollution. According to the University of Chicago Medical Center, airpollution is the presence of noxious substances in the air that people breathe.

Cigarettesin this case, contain a great deal of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxideand methane among other gases. Smokers fail to release that by smoking cigarettes, theyonly help release these gases in the atmosphere, which contribute to global warming. Thetobacco industries are extremely unhelpful in diminishing the factors that smokingnegatively effectuates on the environment. These industries use 450 pesticides that poseserious risks to the environment, ultimately poisoning the air and water both humans andanimals need to survive. In conclusion, members of society, particularly smokers, need torealize that by banning smoking in all public areas in Ontario, less toxic fumes flows inthe atmosphere, and a healthy environment is established for non-smokers and children.

The primary reason as to why the Ontario government wishes to interdict smokingin public areas is because oh health issues.