Silicon Valley and how it came about

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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is located in the industrial region in between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo ranges. The valley also extends from San Francisco to Santa Clara and San Jose. The main headquarters of the operation is located at Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University. The valley was named after the many electronic and computer companies that have decided to locate their business there since the mid 20th century and silicone being the base material used in computer circuits. The main construction of computers has changed to more of the research, development and marketing side of things.

The valley used to be covered by fruits grown in orchards back in the early 20th century. The agriculture in the region was pushed out making way for the digital economy and the Internet. Other U.S. states and countries have tried to replicate their own silicone valley but left out the crucial elements, which made the original so successful.

Fredrick E. Terman (1900-1982) who was an electrical engineer is the single person who is responsible for silicone valley. Terman was a graduate student from Massachusetts institute of technology and in that time he saw how well the faculty at Cambridge pursued research and contact with industry through consulting and the placement of students in corporations. When Terman returned home to Palo Alto in 1925 to be in the faculty at Stanford, he realized that the electrical engineering department was definitely below acceptable. Stanford was so bad the only focus they had was on electric power engineering.

Terman was determined to build Stanford a radio and communications research center. He encouraged other students like William Hewlett and David Packard of the Hewlett Packard company, and Eugene Littion, of Littion industries Inc, set up local businesses. With his want...