The similarities and differences of the Old Man, the boy, and the Sea (The Old Man and the Sea)

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A hunt for a huge fish is very tempting especially to a fisherman like the old man of this book, The Old Man and the Sea. This old man named Santagio experiences a hunt of fish like no other when he encounters an extremely large fish and it takes him far out into the ocean. In this book, the characters and objects are somewhat interesting because of their differences, such as the old man and the boy, and the old man and the sea. Those different and similar characteristics are shown through the old man, boy, and sea.

As friends, the young boy is friendly and kind to the old man and the old man is the same, but they are both different in a variety of ways. An obvious reason is the fact that there is an age difference present in both people. Another example is how the old man doesn't see himself as a worthy person, while the boy is confident about his life and feels that his friend is a father to him.

Their thoughts are different when one looks at both the old man and the boy. Then it comes to physical differences between both people. Of course, the old man is weak and he can't do some things as well as in the past. This proves to be true in the situation when the old man is hunting for the fish and he stumbles trying to capture that fish. In that type of situation, the boy could help by using his strength, but he wasn't there at that time and the old man could only wish for him to be there. These contrasted characteristics of the old man and the boy are both in physical and mental differences.

The sea can be...