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"Motor vehicles accidents account for more deaths than all natural disasters combined" (The Disaster Center's Motor Vehicle Accident Death and Injury data Index). There are several contributing factors to vehicle accidents. Most of which are the incorrect decision made by the driver. The following information that will be provided within this paper shall enlighten the average driver of situations that could possibly save lives or prevent injuries.

Situations will be examined closer to reveal possible preventions that may become helpful to all drivers and passengers. With historical data, current statistics and hours of research, Team "E" will present solutions on how to better our local vehicle accident rates.

The research team will provide in comparison to our local population, the accident rates within the United States and global for a few select situations. Keep in mind, vehicle accidents are not just vehicle to vehicle. There will be a list of accidents involving some pedestrians and perhaps other types of vehicles.

These types of accidents also will be analyzed for possible preventive measures to be taken.

Data will be taken and recorded as an annual statistic for every factor recorded within this research. Accidents that occur from excessive speed to improper turns will be researched. Other factors from younger aged drivers to elderly will also be part of this research. Even the alcohol related and the different drugs consumed while driving a motor vehicle. These factors will be meshed together in order to display data that can be used to help prevent or at least limit the accidents.

As the research team looks at the excessive speed incidents, the group also needs to factor into consideration the location and other variables that play a role in our resolutions. What is in place right now to help prevent these accidents to occur?...