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Slaughterhouse five is a book that has many different elements; it has a satire, and it is an anti-war book, and it is a perfect example of a book from the Modern Period of literature. The author tells the reader the ending of the book in the beginning, and through out the book, he shows the reader how he got to the ending. Thus, this book was very confusing to understand, but at the same time, it was interesting because of its satire.

Slaughterhouse Five was a very confusing book because the main character, Billy Pilgrim, time traveled. Every time Billy time traveled, it got very confusing. It also revealed a lot of the plot and it would not say anything about the beginning. For example, Billy would time travel to the future to the part when he was going to give his speech in New York about the aliens, Tralfamadorians.

When he is about to start his speech, Billy ends up time traveling again, leaving the reader wondering about the Tralfamadorians and what he was going to say in his speech.

Another reason the book is confusing is when the narrator comes in the book and the book goes in to first person. The book starts as a first person speaking but then it switches over to third person, and it has random times where the narrator comes in. The first chapter was also confusing because of the limerick, which made the reader believe that the narrator's name was Yon Yonson. The author kept the readers in the dark about who was the narrator. The readers later find out that the narrator, in the beginning of the book, was the author, giving a preface on the book and the reason for the book to begin small and...