"Slaves as Cheap Laborers"

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Question: What were the circumstances or events that contributed to the need for slaves within the Chesapeake and sugar colonies and the forced or willing migration from Britain and Africa to these new colonies?Will need to fix up and either do endnotes (included) or do footnotes as the information has been included throughout the essay. Author and page number has been provided.

Slaves as Cheap Laborers?From Ancient civilization to the nineteenth century wars have been fought and the victors usually take the losers to be their slaves. Throughout the centuries many societies have owned and maybe even inherited other people as slaves; some of these people may earn their freedom, some may not and so, slavery has been a part of civilization. However, some communities set limits on how long a person remained in slavery. Perhaps some civilizations had laws that provided a time limit on how long a person was a slave.

The British Empire was expanding into new areas of the world. This paper will look at how the new colonies needed a continuous influx of laborers and how slavery had its origins in establishing economic growth especially looking at the Chesapeake Colony, and the Sugar Colonies, such as Barbados, Jamaica, with regard to Britain encouraging migration to the new colonies.

As the British Empire expanded, from merchants to explorers to farmers were needed to establish a new colony. Sometimes individuals could not afford to pay their fare over to the new world so entered into a contract to work for a period of time. This group of people was known as the indentured servants. Britain did not want to be responsible for paying to ship all the people who were willing to move to a new world so permitted private companies to take care of the problem.