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To talk to a teenager about a topic that would be a question or a life decision is scary. Let?s say that you are a 16 year old girl that has many things going for her. She is involved in sports and many extra curricular activities. She meets a boy and has sex and is now impregnated and does not know what to do. What are her options? She can put the kid up for adoption, keep the child, or have an abortion. Each option has its pros and cons but is a decision that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Abortion is a much debated topic due to religious, private, and personal matter because people never expect it to affect them. Many churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious shrines, temples, and churches disagree with or frown upon. I personally disagree with the practice due to my beliefs and principals.

I can say this because the experience has thankfully never been bestowed upon me. I think that anybody who could kill their own child and thought they could get away with it knows that it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. I can not see how these practices have been legalized but it is the law of the land and it must be followed.

Groups of people give instances such as rape victims, teenagers, and many other scenarios of experiences but the facts are indisputable; the fact of the matter is still standing, there is a child that is thought of as a question mark. Does the baby live or die? My question to these individuals is what the bottom line is. I do not see the difference between Adolph Hitler murdering Jews and Gypsies, and slaughtering defenseless children that have no say in the matter. How many children do you think were killed or may be should I use the politically correct term ?aborted?? Since the famous court case Roe vs. Wade 43,700,000 babies have been slaughtered based on The Schwartz Report (A Political Message Board Forum).

I will finish on the note that I had previously mentioned. Some say they are ?Pro- Life? or ?Pro-Choice,? and there are many reasons that are given and can be thought of but the bottom line is the child. A baby has no rights until it has been born. The concept of letting a women do to her body whatever she wants is like saying ?this is my gun I can shoot anyone I want too,? in my opinion it is simply ludicrous.

Score Card: Hitler 11,000,000 + or - Stalin 23,000,000 + or - USA 42,000,000