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What is sleepwalking about?

Sleepwalking is the disorder that a child wakes up partly, but not completely, at the night. It causes walking or other behaviors while the person may not remember it at all. However, sleepwalk doesn't mean one has an emotional problem, and they would be out-grown soon.

It's hard to believe that, from a medical report: 18% of the population is prone to sleepwalking. On one hand, although some of the adult may sleepwalk, most of the cases happen in children. And it usually begins before the child's adolescence. On the other hand, if one begins sleepwalking in his/her later life, its more likely to have the disorder for the rest of his/her life. It's also found that, boys are more likely to sleepwalk than girls.

Rubbing eyes, fumbling with clothes

- Can be a symptom!

If you see your child sit up in the bed, repeating certain movements, like rubbing eyes or fumbling with clothes, you called your child, but he/she didn't reply to you, your child may probably has sleepwalking.

And of course, the child may even get out of bed and walk around the room! Usually, you will find him/her looking dazed and moving clumsy.

It happens in Deep Sleep!

As sleepwalk most likely to occur in deep Non-REM stage of the sleep episode (that means the deepest sleep), fatigue and stress can increases the chances of a person sleepwalking because it forces the body to go into deeper sleep. Non-REM stages also cause the patient hard to be aroused. And some may even say children would get sleepwalking more easily because they spend more of their time in the deep Non-REM sleep while adult's NREM sleep is often fragmented and they spend more time on light sleep.

What should I do then?...