'Small-class teaching' should be implemented in Hong Kong

Essay by dorakhy January 2008

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There has been much debate on whether ‘small class teaching’ should be implemented in Hong Kong. I want to argue in favor of ‘Hong Kong Government should implement small class teaching in Hong Kong’, but I do not think it should be immediately implemented.

Schools which held insufficient students have been exterminated one by one recently. But some schools are extremely popular with its fame, which attracts a lot of students; as a result, the number of students is too much that each class must hold 40 students or more.

This phenomenon shows that the unbalanced distribution of students among schools is a serious problem in Hong Kong, which also brings up a lot of side effects. This includes adding stress to teachers. Some of them worry whether their schools will be exterminated and consequently, they would lose their jobs, and some of them worry whether they can well nurture all students in the whole big class.

I agree that a class of around 20 students may provide the best learning environment for students. Since teachers can be more aware of students’ weaknesses in their studies. The most important point is that teaching fewer students provides teachers sufficient time and resources to help those students with difficulties in catching up their studies.

Besides, in a class of 20 students can provide a positive competitive environment for students. This can boast their ambitions in gaining good academic results, which in turns build up their confidence and competitiveness, and may help them to achieve higher in their later studies or in their jobs.

But, having small class teaching in Hong Kong requires much more teaching resources, such as well-trained teachers and classrooms, which are totally insufficient in Hong Kong. That is also the main reason why Hong Kong Government isn’t implementing...