Is Smoking Bad?

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Persuasive Essay

Should Smoking Be Banned?

Should Smoking be banned?

I argue that smoking should not be banned. It is a valuable commodity to our society and is has been essential in shaping our world. Furthermore, don't we as human beings have a choice? Even if it means it may affect our health. Most people believe that smoking is detrimental to your health, and it should be prohibited, because they are trying to save us all. And they are absolutely correct that it damages our health. But there is a lot more to tobacco than that.

Smoking initially was used be the Native Americans. It was a gift from the gods and had mystical properties. It was a way of connecting with the earth. Now after thousands of years people want to stop this connection. While most people who smoke are not aware of tobacco's past, it is still used to this day in ritual smoking.

Clyde Kluckholn said. "It is a curious fact that while the Whites took the material tobacco from the Indians they took with it no fragment of the world that accompanied it, nor were they at first aware that there was such a world. After all of the generations that have elapsed since its introduction among the Whites, it has woven itself scarcely at all into their psychology and mythology. Nicotine is enshrined among the Whites only as a drug, as a taste, as a habit, along with the seeking after mild and tasty forms, while the Native peoples make tobacco a heritage from the gods, a strange path which juts from there into this world and leads to the very ends of magic."(Clyde Kluckholn, 1908). Therefore, how can you ban a substance that connects people with the earth?

Tobacco is a very...