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Smoking6 Nowadays, many adults smoke. They started to smoke many years ago, they don¡¯t know how bad the smoking is, and even if they know that smoking s bad, they don¡¯t care; they keep smoking. I don¡¯t know why they can¡¯t quit smoking. I disagree with people who say smoking is not that bad and should be legalized. I say smoking should not be legalized because there are three reasons why smoking is bad thing to do; smoking is very harmful to people who smoke, it can also affect bad things to second-hand smokers, and it can pollute the air.

First of all, smoking is very harmful to people who are smoke. Many people will die because of the cigarette. USA Today newspaper tell us that there is overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette (not only the cigarette, every kinds of smoke) smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and other serious diseases.

Let me put one example. You know that the tobacco is one kind of smoke, right? Well, World Health Organization (WHO) says that about four million people die because of the tobacco. In addition, it will kill more than ten million people annually by 2030. Can you imagine that four million people die because of tobacco? Four or ten million is very big number, isn¡¯t it? Those numbers of people die because they smoke. It means that they can live if they quit smoking. Do you see how simple it is? Second of all, many non-smokers can die because of the smokers. I heard that when people stand next to people who are smoking, they could get diseases like lung cancer. It is because the smoke that comes from the cigarette is much dangerous than the cigarette itself. So, smokers have to think very carefully when they smoke because somebody could get killed.

Lastly, smoking can pollute the air badly. In Korea, I saw lots of cigarettes on the street. Well, I have to be honest, right? I saw cigarettes everywhere. It is very bad thing to do, right? I don¡¯t know why people throw their cigarettes anywhere; there are lots of trashcans around; they can throw it into the trashcans. I bet they know that throwing garbage anywhere can pollute the air. Also, the smoke that comes from the cigarettes can pollute the air seriously. Nowadays, the Ozone layer is polluted because of those smokes. Of course, a smoke is not the only one that cause layer to be polluted, but they can¡¯t say that smoking is nothing to do with the polluted air, right? So, when smokers quit smoking, the air will be clean.

I am a non-smoker because I know the bad things about the smoking; it can kill me, I can kill other people, and I can pollute the air. So, I am saying that smoking should not be legalized in order to prevent those things to happen.