The Smoking Ban in Corpus Christi,TX or issues for the Smoking Ban

Essay by RUDYO April 2005

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A smoking ban has been passed in Corpus Christi, TX which will begin February 1, 2005. This ban will affect all restaurants that have been allowing smoking in their environment. Many people are against this ban, but because of health risks, the lack of courteousness, and environmental problems, the smoking ban should be enforced.

Since the discovery that second hand smoke can be dangerous to others, many people have a problem with being in smoking environments. Second hand smoke can cause serious health problems for people exposed to it, and avoiding it in restaurants is hard to do. Secondhand smoke is serious business and should be a concern for anyone who breathes it in. It is a shame that people can not even go to their favorite places to eat because of this issue. Families with young children are usually most likely concerned about second hand smoke. People should be able to go to any restaurant without having to worry about being exposed to second hand smoke.

Having smoking sections in restaurants is telling people that sit in the non smoking sections that they are free of the second hand smoke, which is not true. Smoke travels throughout the restaurants just as the smell of the restaurants food does. The smoke gets into the vents and is then blown throughout the restaurant. Most people just do not realize it because the smell of their food might overpower the smell of the smoke. It does not mean that the harmful particles and molecules are not in the air because they are, and everyone in these restaurants is breathing in second hand smoke whether they realize it or not. No one should be forced to breathe in air tainted with cigarette smoke. The smoking ban should be enforced so non smokers...