Smoking....Why should people quit it!

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Strange as it may seem teenage is the time when one goes through a series of emotions from love to hatred to frustration to happiness. It is a time when one is struggling to find ones identity and grow up.It marks the road to maturity.Often ,people encounter problems on this road and thus we give the name-teenage- to this turmoil.

Let me illustrate you a case. A girl named Sara, took part in the plays audition but when she went on the stage she froze and thus made a huge faux pas of herself. This fact that she could not do what she wanted to created anxiety in her and led her to depression. The worst aspect of being a teenager is that people do not realize that you are going through a sensitive phase and thus tend to misunderstand your behavior.

Most adults suddenly become so hard on teenagers that they forget what it is like to be young, and they forget the difference between being a bad kid, and just being a teenager. This in my opinion leads to even greater problems.

Moreover, many teenagers succumb to the pressure and depression and resort to drugs and other activities. Many even tend to become anti social. It appears that the main issue facing teenagers today is being able to talk openly with their parents. I believe that there are certain subjects that parents and teenagers are never going to agree and which children will try and establish their independence about. For instance drugs, ambition, schoolwork, what to wear, what time to stay out, all those sorts of issues. That's where communication can break down. Many other factors affect the lives of teenagers today including technology, homework...