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Hi! My name is Snow-boy. My body is cold, because I’m made of snow, but my heart is extremely warm. I have two black buttons for my eyes, a long carrot for my nose, a banana for my mouth and two nicely-curved peapods for my eyebrows. I look muscular with these eyebrows, and I love them. A boy called Jack made me a few days before Christmas. He made my family for me too. I was very happy because no one should spend Christmas alone, not even a snow-boy like me. As a return, I worked hard to help him to be friends with a girl who lives in the house in front of his. I was given a life to help him, after all.

She was pretty like a princess doll, so I was worried that she might not like a boy like Jack, who looked a little stupid with a red nose and rosy cheeks.

There was no need to worry, though, as I was an excellent helper.

On Christmas Eve, Jack gave me six cups of milk and many gingerbread cookies. Are you wondering why? That’s because there was another snow-family, the one of Snow-girl. She is my girlfriend! She is white as snow, with two blue stones for her eyes, a little carrot for her nose and a red ribbon for her mouth. She has eyelashes of twigs as well, and they make her look gorgeous and mysterious. It was unbelievable that I was spending Christmas with her. We couldn’t drink milk or eat cookies because if we did, our body-color would have changed, so we left them for Santa who needed enormous energy for that night. When he came, he gave me two peapods for my eyebrows. I didn’t have eyebrows, and I’ve...