The Giver - Sequel Essay

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Chapter 1

A crimson light struck through the wild night sky. Now the snow was falling down slowly, like milk dripping out of a jug. All around himself Jonas saw snow, more snow, and only snow, except for that one place, not so far away, which he longed to step onto. He stood there, very cold, his face a mask of ice, with no expression on it. The soft music, it played comfortably towards him, from that dreamland, not so far away. Worn out from all the miles of cycling he collapsed into deep sleep.

Jonas woke up. With his eyes still closed, the smell of hot chocolate raced towards him so that in the end it lay right under the tip of his nose. Oh the soft delicate warmth it brought. With great effort Jonas released the tight clench of his eyes to view the ambiance of his surroundings.

The instant he opened his eyes he spotted a girl sitting next to him on the bedside. She was smiling genially at him. Anxious to see what was around him, he ignored the girl, and gently turned his head on the pillow from one side to another. He noticed that the room he was in was quite small, a fire burning on the far end, and a minute kitchen about two meters in front of him where the hot chocolate was heating up and something else cooking. Other than that there was nothing much except for a sitting room behind him with a window to its right. The sight was reminiscent of his home.

Jonas looked at the girl who seemed like she hadn't moved in the last century; she wore a beautiful white skirt to match the snow outside, her eyes had a vigorous blue colour to them, like...