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  • Good

    I liked your essay because of how you've summarized the main facts. This in turn helps others understand the main points, and build up on their own essay (if they're writing one).Good Work!
    • 31/07/2004
    • 08:21:37
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  • Pretty Good...

    I recognized some spelling and gramatical errors in the poem (for example in the third question, you missed an "I", and leave is spelled live...). But anyway, that doesn't destroy the poem at all. I think it's a great piece of work, and I especially like the last two questions, they put me into some really tough thinking.Good work!Smik
    • 30/07/2004
    • 01:06:46
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  • Pretty Good

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this essay.It's a good, critical, and explicit evaluation of the Medicaid Program.Furthermore the layout is excellent; how the author goes from beginning to end (the layout) is simple and efficient so that readers can understand the text.
    • 05/07/2004
    • 11:44:38
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  • Ethics...

    I thought this essay demonstrated a high understanding of Ethics.Furthermore the author of the essay develops the idea of ethics slowly throughout the paper, which in turn pays off with the readers understanding.Good Work!
    • 02/07/2004
    • 02:59:19
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  • "Irony"

    Excellent essay! Enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Your writing skills are of high standard (especially your diction), which makes your essay simply exquisite. The first part which describes your incident is so good it seems it's been taken from a book. How you go through describing (and explaining) Irony is great, as it has cleared a lot in my mind.
    • 09/05/2004
    • 11:37:28
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  • Pretty Good...

    For a start, the topic you were given to focus on is a very good one.You have done well, used good diction, and inspired me thought-wise (philosophically).Now the only thing I'm going to be fussy about is whether anybody would find this useful in the current format. Not saying no one would find it useful, just wondering if anyone would...
    • 16/03/2004
    • 09:21:51
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  • Okay...

    I think this essay requires a bit more detail towards the ending, though it started off pretty well.The topics really interesting, take advantage of that!
    • 11/03/2004
    • 12:49:03
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  • Britain after the 1st World War and what happened

    By my standards, not an essay, just a bunch of questions that have been answered. I think this so called 'essay' has to be re-formatted (so that it actually is an essay), and re-edited as I managed to spot spelling errors. Other than that the answers are pretty thorough and by my standards, good.
    • 07/03/2004
    • 13:38:54
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