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In What Way is York University a Social Economy Institution?

One of the most controversial questions for many people is whether York University a social economy institution or not. If it is, people might ask how York University is associated with the social economy. To study the whole body of York University is a very broad subject. However, this paper intends to study the York Federation of Students and to demonstrate in what ways it is a social economy organization.

York Federation of Students (YFS) an incorporated association, initially called York Student Council, was established in 1968 under John Adams. As of September 15th, 1979, the Federation was assigned to "York Federation of Students" a non-profit organisation incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporations Act. As defined, "Social economy is the economic activity neither controlled directly by the state nor by the profit logic of the market; activity that prioritizes the social well-being of the communities and marginalized individuals over partisan political directives or individual gain" (McMurtry 30).

Based on the definition provided by Prof. McMurtry, it is quite transparent to analyze that YFS is a social economy organization as it is run by undergraduate students, independent from campus administration as well as all levels of government.

This paper's argument is essentially that YFS is a democratic and self-governing federation as it is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of an elected President, Secretary and Treasurer, and representatives of the constituent members. In addition there are vice presidents for external relations, finance, internal relations, equality and social affairs, and commissioners for health care and clubs. "The happiness of a community is made up of the happiness of individuals; and the happiness of each individual must in great measure depend upon his/her own self-management, or self-government"(William 14). As a democratic and...