Social Responsibility

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In any particular countries or communities that are not under the communist system, they must have either capitalist or socialist or both. Capitalist and socialist are the two main things that make this country goes powerful in economics and other areas compare to the rest of the world. As long as we want to be success and strong we cannot ever deny the existent of either Capitalist or Socialist or both. And also, we must have social responsibility as businessman or individual. According to the theory of Milton Friedman said "The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits," I think this theory is absolutely true. As long as we are in any particular business, we must have some social responsibility in order to keep the business going smoothly and make well profits. Also, we need to share some of these responsibility to the other in order to have the equalization in society.

To say that businesses have nothing to do with social responsibility and only individual has the responsibility is wrong. As long as any people who live in a particular community or country, they must have the responsibility equivalently. If we allow businessmen to do whatever they want to do, they will dominate the market's price and that will caused a lot bad things would happen to the community. Eventually, the strong corporation will sit on or dominate the small corporation. Sooner or later it becomes monopoly or independent. The consumers cannot do anything about it. This is a very worse situation. For instant, two big companies a competing each other and try to producing the best product for their own good, after all the consumers are the victims of this competition. And in this case middle income are the victims also, because businessmen can produce many...