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One the topics that I would like to mention that interests me is the idea of gender socialization. It is amazing to me that the environment in which you grew up in can shape who you are later in life. Each of us could have had a circumstance that could have occurred when we were younger that would have changed who we are today. If I had not of grown up in the environment which I did my whole life might be different. The people I know would not be the same my values, norms and ideas might be totally different than they are. My idea of right and wrong, what is socially acceptable and unacceptable would be different.

I have tried on occasion to try and place myself in another environment while growing up. If I my early socialization process would have been different how would I think today.

It is interesting to see how I would turn out if I was raised without gender socialization as an issue. If I was allowed to draw my own conclusions on how a male should act and how a female would act. That would be an interesting thing to see based on how our society places importance on gender socialization. What if there were no societal rules to follow.

It is hard to imagine our male dominated society as any other way. I think if we switched the tables all around that there would not be much difference. It would probably be easier for us to achieve some sort of equality because of the biological nature of females. However if the female was socialized to be the dominate force then it would most likely not be that much different than it is today. Would it be better? From a male...