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Danh Ngo

ESOL 1260-91

Journal #1: A childhood memory

Growing up in many different environment, kids will experience their own memory. For me, one of the most unforgettable memory was the Mid Autumn Festival which is actually happening in my country and some Asian countries right at this time. This is the time when every single member of the family will stay together to have dinner with some traditional cakes and tea. However, children have their own activities with their neighbors. I have never stopped missing that childhood memory since the day I came to the U.S. Many kids love go around the neighborhood with their lanterns which were brighten up with the candles inside. My brother, cousin and I prefer to do another activity with those candles, and that was the time when my first experience about fire started. We usually burned and melted the candles in a small metal can and make it to the shapes that we want.

I did not invented a game called "Magic Flame" until my brother brought me a tiny jar. The jar was as small as my thumb and it was made from glass. I was thinking about making a jar with red melted candle inside. Firstly, I put a jar on the fire and burned it. For the second step, I melted the candle from above and let the melted drop of candle through the bottleneck. When I almost filled it up with candle, there was a sound of some cracks, and the jar seemed to be broken. My brother was quite scared and panic at that time. He ran inside and brought out a cup of water in order to quench the fire. However, thing went worse when he pour water directly to the jar. There was a big fire...