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Alejandra Lara Sociology 101 Section 2007 D. LeBaron Fall 2014

Summaries to Articles !! Article 1 Sit Less, Live Longer?! Scientist are experimenting the telomeres causing cells to age because of sitting down for long periods of time, even if exercising regularly. In their experiment, they had two controlled groups. One that would remain living their normal and obese lives, as where the second group is sitting less and improving their health with moderate exercise. Studies have shown that those who exercised had less lengthening and some shortening and those who sat generally were shorter. !! Article 2 Family, friends gather…! Family and friends gather to hold vigil on the anniversary of teen Bijan Shoushtari who was shot to death on August 3, 2013. Police continue to investigate the crime and who could of been the suspect/killer. Due to the loss of her son, mother Jones-Shoushtari and family including friends started a campaign called "Stop the violence, save lives." The family has learned to cope with the loss of their son, brother, and loved one. !! Article 3 Trial Opens for Detroit…! Detriot Officer Weekley mistakenly fired and killed 7-year-old Aiyana who was asleep on the couch after letting in a pack of officers looking for a murder suspect. His finger was on the trigger and claims the murder was not intentional. Prosecutor Moran feels as Officer Weekley did not use care in the exercise of his duties and if he wouldn't have fired his weapon, Aiyana would still be alive. !! Article 4 How Divorced Parents Lost…! Judges having more control of the children than the divorced parents causes parents to feel as they have no right. Divorced parents argue that even though they are divorced they should continue to have the right of their children in their hands...