Sociology and Anthropology

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The study of human beings and their ancestors through time in terms of physical character, environmental and social relations and culture. It can also be known as the scientific and humanistic study of human species and their various diversities.

Anthropology is the study of humanity throughout time.

Anthropology studies who and how man is evolved over the period of time, why he looks like the way and the way he talks and acts in particular manner. It is broad discipline dedicated to the comparative study of mankind, from its first appearance to its present stage of development. It is concerned with all the varieties of human population in every part of the world, both past and present.

Is a social science that is concerned with human culture as well as the physical and social characteristics that create that culture. Often it will compare one group of humans to another or even compare humans with animals.

Anthropology dealt with the study of cultures different from one's own, especially those less advanced

According to Roger Keesing and Felix Keesing anthropology is a study of universalities and uniqueness; a study of startling contrast and surprising similarity; a study of meaning and logic in what seems bizarre. Anthropology is thus historically and geographically vast in its scope.

A typical anthropology degree includes the study of human evolution, cross-cultural issues, rituals and myths and cultural history.


Sociocultural anthropology is the study of culture, mostly based on ethnography, with a central focus on kinship and social organization. Studies the structures and cultures produced by humankind

Linguistic anthropology studies the history of human communication

Physical anthropology examines the evolution of humans and other primates. It involves - Biology, the study of living organisms. Demography, the study of populations as a whole. Archaeology,