Solutions for the Arab Israeli Crisis: includes the occupied territories, jerusalem and refugees.

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Occupied Territories:

To achieve peace in the Middle East, several things are necessary. I think the United States government needs to put pressure on Ariel Sharon to co-operate with the following demands. First of all, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip need to be declared "Palestine", to create a homeland for the Palestinians. The Jewish settlers must be ordered out of these territories to create peaceful conditions. Those Jews that choose to remain will be made Palestinian citizens. The new area now known as Palestine will need to have a government and a judicial system set up with the aid of the UN; this UN presence will be removed when the nation stabilizes. With the aid of the UN, a small National Guard may be set up, but it must be limited so they don't get any funny ideas about expanding their nation. All Palestinian citizens will get the right to vote for a president every four years, regardless of race, gender or religion.

All Israeli military presence will be removed from the occupied territories. A fraction of the US aid to Israel will be diverted to Palestine to help in setting up the new country. With all these different demands peace should be assured.


Now we come to the issue of the city of Jerusalem. Both parties so desperately want this city, as it is their "holy city". My solution for this is that Israel should relinquish the eastern portion of Jerusalem, which will from thereon be known as El Quds. This will mean that they get to keep the western part of Jerusalem, which will be renamed Yerushalaim according to its Hebrew name. The Old City, which contains all the shrines and temples, will be made international territory to which all have access. This city...