The Sound And The Fury

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In the book the Sound and the Fury, the author, William faulkner uses his lack of femine presence in his earlier life. For example, he grew up with three older brothers and no sisters, and when he got married, his first child, whom he named Alabama, was born premature and died very soon after birth. Heartbroken, Faulkner turned to his writing and poured all of his anguish into his novel the Sound and the Fury, which was later hailed as the greatest novel he had ever written. All of his love was poured into one Character. That character was named Caddy Compson. And although Caddy she turned out to be a bad person, had an illigitimate child, and was married and divorced several times, Faulkner would not allow the reader to hate her. Always, Faulkner would place in the reader's heart, a tenderness and love that no other character would give to you.

Caddy was, as Faulkner stated, "my heart's darling". No matter how many times Faulkner went over his novel, he never seemed to think that he had told it right.

The book is split into 4 narrative parts, each part was told in one of her three brothers' point of view, ranging from her younger mentally retarded brother, to her other brother who was obsessed with caddy's sexuality to the point of incest. When asked why Caddy herself never narrated the story Faulkner simply stated that he tried to tell the story through the other brothers because caddy was too beautiful in his mind to bring down by talking about herself.