Spanish American War And World War I

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The Spanish-American War was, to a great extent, a "newspaperman's war", which led to the acquisition of overseas territory for the United States. The newspapers helped many people want to join the war. At first the only reason the United States wanted to start a war was because the wanted to give Cuba it's independence but many people said there is no point to start a war for that but when word came in that an American War Ship was blown up and in the newspapers it said that the Spanish did it, it made many people want to join the war. Also the Spanish-American War showed the achievements of a second phase of manifest destiny. The manifest destiny was that a country that is powerful showed have control of all the countries on it hemisphere.

When people of the United States heard that America want's to start a war with Spain to give Cuba it independence most people said that they want fight because it was no point of them to fight but when they heard that an American Warship was blown up that said they want to fight Spain.

The reason they wanted to fight Spain was because they were told that Spain blow up the ship. This was not a fact because no one know how the ship blow up, but in newspapers it was written that the Spanish did. Since most people read the paper it made them very angry and they agreed to start a war with Spain. If it weren't for the newspaper article no one in America would fight Spain to help Cuba receive independence.

By America getting what they wanted after the Spanish-American War it represent the achievement of a second phase of manifest destiny. Since manifest destiny is when one...