A spech on the harmful effects of ecstasy. It includes every part of the speech and it is in outline form. This speech convinces the audience to not take this drug.

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I. Introduction:

A. Attention-getter: I would like everyone in this classroom to think to themselves how many people they know that have used or tried ecstasy. You may have even tried it yourself. According to the Partnership for Drug-Free America, the percent of teenagers that have tried ecstasy or use it recreationally doubled from 5% in 1995 to almost 10% in 2000. That makes it equal to teen usage of cocaine and LSD.

B. Link to Audience: I am a young adult like many of you in this classroom and enjoy having fun and dancing in clubs and parties. But ask yourself, " What could be more dangerous about a drug that makes you loving, mellow, and excited? Just a couple of thing, Ecstasy can cause lasting brain damage and even death.

C. Ethos: I worked on a report that was about a sixteen year old girl named Brandy French for my freshman seminar class.

Brandy was going to a rock concert and decided to take ecstasy. It was her first time and she decided to do this drug because all of her friends were and she wanted to have a good time at the concert. However, she died when taking this drug. As I was doing research for this report, I learned a lot about the drug ecstasy that I did not know about.

D. Thesis: I would like to discuss and share what I've learned about ecstasy with you today.

E. Preview of Speech:

1. We'll begin with some important definitions and discuss how Ecstasy is used.

2. We'll also discuss who currently takes this drug the most and the effects of this drug.

Transition: In order to be well informed about Ecstasy, one must first have a comprehensive understanding of the definitions that surround this drug.