Special Populations: Chemically Dependent

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AbstractThere are many different Special Populations that are covered by case management, these include, the elderly, individuals with physical disabilities, the very young, and individuals with mental illness. There are also specialized populations such as the chemically dependent, elderly people with Alzheimer's disease, and abused children. These populations can have long-term and severe impairments and impediments. Skill deficits and lack of information can hold clients back from being able to function at a level to maintain reasonable quality of life. These people need appropriate supports to compensate for their disabilities or lack of parental support. Their support environment is usually inadequate, very complex, and difficult to access. In my paper I will discuss the population of chemically dependent people, why I have chosen this field, and how I believe I can help them. I will describe how I will use case management in order to help this group of people, along with multicultural issues.

I will also discuss local resources in my area that I have found to be helpful in my quest to be a case manager in the future.

IntroductionCase management is a very broad field with many different populations to help. I have reviewed the elderly with Alzheimer's disease, the very young that are abused and abandoned, and the chemically dependent. Of these three I believe I can best help the chemically dependent. I have an understanding of how chemicals can affect the psychological and physiological being, and how a person can become addicted within a short time to drugs or alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic and addict and have been sober now for 10 years. I have always had a passion to help those who are dependent as I can feel their pain, and understand why they have chosen a chemical over a normally...