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Immigration. What is immigration? It is defined as to enter and usually become established. Technically, we are all immigrants or decedents of them. Even before the first pilgrims came, the so-called Native Americans actually immigrated thousands of years ago through Alaska. Although the United States has always been a land of immigration, the last few years have sown it to be a problem. The United States should reduce the illegal as well as legal immigration in the U.S. due to American job losses, environmental problems due to overpopulation, and money that is spent on the illegal immigrants.

The American workforce is harmed as a result of illegal immigration. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) estimates that in January of 2000, there were

7 million illegal aliens living in the United States. Its a number that is growing by half a million a year. Thus, the illegal-alien population in 2006 stands at at least 9 million.

One example would be, job displacement. This is when native workers lose their jobs to immigrants working for lower wages. By immigrants working for lower wages it gives them the advantage because businesses will hire the person who will work for the lowest cost. Research says, that about 40% of wages lost among American workers is due to immigration. This means that nearly two million jobs a year are displaced by immigration. The number of employed immigrants rose by 593,000 from 2000 through the end of 2003, while the number of U.S. born workers decreased by 1.5 million, said a new report by the center for labor market studies at Northeaster University. For example, in San Diego natives picked the tomato crop for twenty years. They earned five dollars an hour. Growers soon switched to immigrants and paid the 3.25 dollars an hour {Immigration...