Spider-Man: Super hero Masculinity portrayed to be idolized by young children and exploit young girls to be dependent rather than strong independent.

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Many comic strips go through a process to become succeeded. First they start with simple comic books and when it becomes popular, the comic strips become a television series. When the television series is making their way to the top, it finally becomes a movie for young children who idolize the superhero. Not only that, because the character was shown for such long time, they appeal to larger audiences who idolized the character since they were young and the young children who was exposed to the character at that time. One example is Spider-Man, a character that by his job to fight the criminals and protect the innocent. He is considered one of the favorite super heroes of America along with many other countries as well. Larger audience through its long time series and appearance to the audience loves spider-Man.

Spider-Man is a popular character known in many countries for people of all ages.

The adventures of Spider-Man started in 1962 in a comic book named Amazing Fantasy. Then, he began to appear in the comic strips section of the major newspapers in America. Later, Spider-Man was introduced on many television shows as well as animated cartoons. Spider-Man quickly became a popular character in the United States and many other countries as well. For example, Japan has created their own version of Spider-Man as a television series. Today, the popularity of this superhero in America continues with his own movie. One key that makes Spider-Man a successful character is that his adventures take places in New York City, one of the famous and important cities in the United States. Not only that, many readers began to relate to the character and his realistic teenager problems like peer pressure, girls, parent struggles etc.

Peter Parker is the real name for...