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Written for a communication's class exhibiting the tactics used in persuasion -

DDuring my years at this university, I have had the opportunity to explore many new and exciting experiences. None, more so, than my current endeavor, the design and construction of a formula style racecar. This project involves not only designing the car, but also acquiring the items to build it, such as an engine, tubing for the frame, etc. To acquire these items, money or materials must be obtained through sponsorships. These sponsorships are achieved by approaching area businesses, and asking for money. The key to getting funds from a busisness is to convince its representatives that it is in their best interest to become a sponsor.

There are few things more intimidating to young, inexperienced engineers than to approach a group of established engineers and ask them for a piece of one of the most closely guarded commodities available, their budget.

Before walking into the meeting, I had planned what slides I would show, what I would say. I needed to sound competent, but did not want to sound arrogant. These were respected members of the engineering community. Men and women who had been in my position. I rehearsed my presentation, timed it, practiced it in front of my peers until I felt comfortable with it. It had all the information necessary: sponsorship levels and benefits, along with some slides showing preliminary designs.

Regardless of my planning, nothing prepared me for the anxiety I felt when I walked into the conference room. The room was simply decorated, with an elliptical conference table, a dozen or so chairs, and a few abstract works of art on the wall. The room conveyed the essence of frugality, and that was a characteristic I did not want to see. In...