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Essay by cheekynicki February 2007

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I feel it is important for a person to make at least one sport part of his life. This is because sports not only keep us healthy physically and mentally but also help to build a person's character. No matter which sport a person takes up, it helps that person develop perseverance, patience and humility. If it is a team sport like hockey or basketball, the person will also learn to be a team player as well.

When a person is new to a sport, he has to work hard to improve his proficiency at it. This takes time and patience as one cannot achieve milestones overnight. Depending on his ability, he may take weeks, or even months just to hit a ball correctly or run a certain distance successfully.

To achieve a certain standard at a sport, the person has to practice repeatedly over a period of time.

This takes a great amount of perseverance, otherwise he will simply give up trying. Unconsciously, the person is building up his perseverance level and he is not likely to quit in life when the going gets tough.

A person achieves proficiency at a sport faster if he consults others who engage in the same sport. To admit that he is not the best requires humility. To be able to ask for advice requires an even greater amount of humility. Hence, as a person goes through the process of improving himself, he becomes humbler and more likely, a better person.

If it is a team sport in which a person is participating, he has to learn to discard any notions of personal glory and cannot be self-centered. He needs to be a team player to play a game like basketball well. In time, the person will learn how to...