Staffing Practices and Selection Tools at Varian Medical Systems- MGT431 - Human Resources Tools for a silicon valley company.

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Staffing Practices and Selection Tools at Varian Medical Systems

During the past 20 years, Varian Medical Systems has continuously modified staffing practices and selection tools in order to meet changing business needs. Globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics have all changed the way employees are selected for employment. The combination of these items has changed the face of Human Resources and allowed them to directly contribute a company's bottom line. Computers, the Internet, and the increased need for socially responsible practices have contributed to many of the most recent procedure changes involved in hiring new employees. Technology has greatly affected selection methods, but awareness of other social factors associated with employee placement seems to have created the most change.


Successful businesses have learned the importance of globalization and the effectiveness of utilizing resources on a global scale. This broad statement can be appropriately summarized by the writings of Joyce Gioia (n.d.)

from the Workforce Stability Institute stating:

We need to meet the coming global and cultural challenges head-on. We've seen the result of mismanaged HR opportunities here over the past decades--we're reaping the tightest labor market in decades now that the combined factors of a booming economy and changing corporate culture have made the labor market a sellers' market.

This statement demonstrates the need for businesses to continue utilizing resources from a global perspective and to consider candidates from other countries for domestic and international assignments.


Use of the Internet for job postings and the power of websites like have changed the way Varian Medical Systems acquires new employees. According to the website (n.d.): "As the 28th most visited property on the Internet - attracting more than double the traffic of our two nearest competitors - Monster is the site for serious seekers." As a...